ACHY promotes the study of Jewish texts and values as a bridge between tradition and Israeli society today in public high schools. Through the years we have established a multiyear sequence of courses in Jewish studies taught as part of the curriculum in 20 secular high schools throughout the country. In 30 schools more, we run Jewish-oriented activities on a one-per-month basis. The course and activities are conducted by National Service volunteers who are hand-picked and specially trained for the job. The Jewish education program we run was designed and catered for secular Teens in order to enhance their Jewish identity. It combines experiencing tradition the study of Jewish texts. The students gain Jewish literacy, experience Jewish tradition and participate in one-time events such as traditional Shabbat meals, megilah reading and mock Seders. The National Service girls who teach the course, coming from the national-religious sector, help to bridge social gaps and bring to life these customs and traditions.

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