We Care to Change

The Unity of Israeli Society (NPO)

Jewish Learning

ACHY promotes the study of Jewish texts and values. More than 50 public middle and high schools enjoy our Jewish enrichment programming. We believe that an open and accepting dialogue can and should be established and aim to achieve this goal with our gamified Jewish learning courses. Our mission is to enhance invovlement in Jewish identity issues and to promote open mindedness and mutual acceptance.

Economic Empowerment

Higher Education for Ethiopian Women

Volunteer and Study

National Service and Education

A Second Chance

In 2011, the Knesset Research and Information Center published disheartening results about the failure of Ethiopian Israelis to find their place in higher education. Dozens of new programs were launched in response. Each is outstanding in its own right, helping Ethiopian students during their preparatory programs and degree studies in colleges and universities. But the value of these projects is limited, because hundreds of young Ethiopian Israelis do not meet the admission requirements of the pre-academic preparatory programs. Moreover, many of them are not exposed to information about the existing programs and do not understand the monumental importance of an academic degree for entering the middle class and finding a job with prospects for advancement.

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national service

Enhancing Jewish Identity

ACHY promotes the study of Jewish texts and values as a bridge between tradition and Israeli society today in public high schools. Through the years we have established a multiyear sequence of courses in Jewish studies taught as part of the curriculum in 20 secular high schools throughout the country. In 30 schools more, we run Jewish-oriented activities on a one-per-month basis. The course and activities are conducted by National Service volunteers who are hand-picked and specially trained for the job.

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